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Monday, March 29, 2004  

I'm back! Decided today to start blogging again after a sabbatical of a whole year. I wanted a new and fresh start so I've moved my blogsite to typepad. The address is:


I won't be using this one anymore, so please update your links page or favorites!

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Saturday, February 07, 2004  


Please don't tell anybody, but after a year without blogging I'm considering to start again. I just have to share some stories.


First got to figure out if this is also what my Boss wants. There's only 24 ours in a day and I don't want to spill any of it.

Almost no one ever visits this blogsite anymore, so I'd sure appreicate your prayers.

Maybe till later.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003  

O.k. how can I say this... Well...... ehhhh....... I've deceided to stop with my blogsite.

Why? Well, a couple of weeks ago I had a time of prayer because I have been to busy lately. Just to many things that asked my attention. I also knew that God wanted me to start some new things, but there is no way to do this without stopping some of the old stuff. I'm not a good quiter so I deceided to seek God and ask Him what to do. To be honest I already knew what to do, but I could use some help you know...

So I came in the Presence of God and made a list of all the things I'm busy with. I knew I had to quit several activities but it was really hard for me to decide which ones. I really like almost all the things I do and somehow I felt very, very, very attached to everything. I mean, I couldn't just stop all those great and important things, could I? But I had to. Then I did something weird (I'm not gonna share what I did, but trust me it was pretty weird) and... I heard the voice of God very clearly. Not only through what I did, but also in my heart. One of the things that came out is that God wants me to stop blogging :-(

To be honest it took me a while to be obedient (as you can see in my posts). I knew very clearly what God wanted me to do, but I pushed the thoughts about stopping away. However, yesterday I read a passage in Luke and the following verse came very strong to me:

"Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?"


So now you know why I'm quiting. I really want to thank all the visitors for being a part of my life. Don't forget you are special (with or without a blogsite :-) and God has great plans with you. A special thank you to the other bloggers who have inspired me and who have put me on their site. Some of you I might meet on this planet. Others I hope to see at The Party. Have a save journey and may Jesus bless you and keep you.

This was all folks.


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Sunday, February 23, 2003  

Are you a (potential) churchplanter who wants to know how to gather the first 50 people and make a lot of friends as well? Here is what Jay Pathak, his wife Danielle and their team do:

"We have huge meals where we invite anybody and everybody. We throw “block parties” where we grill out and invite all the neighbors to come and hang out at the houses where we have our housegroups. (We don't talk about these gatherings as “church events”—we simply like to get together and hang out with all our friends every couple of weeks, and invite people along.)

On the Friday night before our monthly Sunday service we do a big dinner with some kind of theme (Italian, Chinese, etc.). We don’t do anything “spiritual” at these parties except eat and have fun. It is here that people can get to know us, and eventually start asking questions. (They’re always wondering how we all know each other!) Nights like these also give the extroverts in our group (like me!) an opportunity to talk to the new folks, as well as invite them to our service, which is only a couple of days away."

More good stuff here.

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Friday, February 21, 2003  

Yesterday evening we had our second Sapphire Training. This is a very practical training for people who want to plant Jesus-groups (housechurches, simple churches and organic churches). We were with eight people, which is a nice group. After the meal we had some time to get to know eachother. This is what we did:

We took some chocolate (from Côte d’Or) with questions in the wrapping about friendship. Then we chose someone to share the chocolate with and told that person one thing we were celebrating. We listened to eachothers stories and ate the chocolate together. After everybody had shared something with another person, we gathered again as a group and said the prayer of community:

Lord, we come before you not alone,
But in the company of one another
We share our happiness with each other,
And it becomes greater
We share our troubles with each other,
And they become smaller
May we never be too mean to give,
Nor too proud to receive
For in giving and receiving, We learn to be loved
We encounter the meaning of life, And discover You.

(From: Be our Freedom, by: Terry Falla)

This is a really nice practise to make friends or to celebrate excisting friendships. Feel free to try it yourself. You can let me know what happened here.

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Thursday, February 20, 2003  

Young churchplanters conquer the world?

Hi Isaac,
Thanks for your mail and great to hear about your plans to plant a church in Paris! At the moment I don't know anybody who is busy with churchplanting in Paris. But... Christian Associates International are planning to send two teams to France. Their vision is to impact Europe by planting High Impact churches, and developing High Impact leaders, across the main cities of Europe. Two of their teams will be heading to France this year. Frank and Dawn Wilder will lead a team to Paris, and Gregg and Kim Vurbeff will be lead a team to Sophie Antipolis, near Nice. Both teams will seek to plant High Impact churches.

It might be interesting to contact them. There's more information availible on their website. Bless you! Ronald v/d Molen.

Anybody else out there who can help Isaac with more contacts? You can mail him here.

I was reading some of your blog, and your work sound very exciting. Sounds like God is really doing some amazing things in NL. :) I thought that perhaps you might now of any church planters working with youth in Paris. A group from my church will be there this spring, and we are searching for any contacts. I thought you might know of some people who are doing similar work to you in Paris.

Thank you for your time.


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Wednesday, February 19, 2003  

This evening I'm travelling to Hoogvliet (near Rotterdam) where I'm asked to lead a workshop about the gap between generations. Hope that God will use me to bind people together and remove some obstacles. So that young and old might learn together how to love God and love people.

I got this invitation from a church because their pastor did on of the workshops I gave at the leaders conference in september. Always nice to find out that someone enjoyed a workshop so much that he wants his whole church to experience it.

Here are some of the values I've found to be imporant when you give a workshop:

a) Create a positive atmosphere all the time (people like to learn when there's a positive atmosphere)
b) Confront the participants with their behaviour with a smile on your face (people want to know how they come across without being jugded)
c) Let them practise as much as you can (people learn best by doing something)
d) Let them set specific goals (most people have the tendency to remain vague)
e) Tell stories and give examples (also about what went wrong and what you've learned from it)
f) Have fun! (laugh a lot with eachother)
g) Demand a lot... (that will make a workshop worthwhile at the end)

Bless you!

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Saturday, February 15, 2003  


O Lord, you have always been our home - Psalm 90:1

God as kitchen; provider, nourisher, delighter
God as dining room; communicator, catching up on day's events, renewer of friendship
God as study; thinker, reader, researcher
God as toilet; cleanser, purger
God as bathroom; preparer, waker
God as bedroom; relaxer, restorer, pleasurer
God as porch; sender, welcomer.

Now this would make great alt.worship/art installation. Hire a house, provide a range of spiritual exercises around the images in each room ...

From: stevedownunder

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Yesterday we've celebrated my wife's anniversary. You are really something special, Maresca! I hope to live with you forever...

It was a good birthday party. Not too many visitors. Good cake, nice people and really lots of gifts. In the morning I wasted all my money on beautiful presents for the love of my life. After that my parents arrived and we went together with the kids to the Mc Donalds. My parents payed, so that was a good deal ;-) I also took Joelle (she will be 3 in a month or so) to a toyshop because she wanted to buy a present for mammy herself. At first she tried to convince me buying a bicycle that would fit her too. But after I'd explained her that we were here for Maresca she decided to buy a Clowny-set with face paint. That will make both of us happy, she must have thought.

In the evening I took Maresca to a grill restaurant and we saw a true Valentine movie called Two Weeks Notice.

Like I said, a really nice day.

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Thursday, February 13, 2003  

Had a rotten day yesterday. Felt really sick in the morning so decided to stay in bed. I slept untill the evening. Thank God, I feel a little bit better today.

I'm having a meeting with Madeleine and Johan this morning. Madeleine is one of the teenagers that became a follower of Jesus last year. She wants to be baptised next week. Johan is working with a local television station and he would like to follow us one day for his programme "Zo maar een dag" (Just another day). He is planning on filming the baptism of Madeleine. They will meet today at our place in order to get to know eachother a little bit.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003  

This came from Mike Lyons (House2House.tv):

A slam dunk is a demonstration that a player not only is competent in his game, but goes above and beyond, sailing through the stratosphere, driving home the end purpose of the game. Not only doing the right thing, but doing it in such a way that spectators are driven to there feet in ovation, and rookies are inspired to press forward even harder. Have you ever wondered about what a slam dunk would be like for the church? Believe me, we have them, and need to hear about them more often. But be prepared, God's slam dunks might look different from what you might expect.

" But if anybody obeys his word, God's love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did." --1 John 2:5-6

I knew something supernatural was happening when 2 families announced they were ready to leave the comfort of a large and diverse house church, and plant a new one. As we sat around the dinner table last week catching up on what God was doing with this new church, I heard the slam dunk, actually 2 slam dunks. And yes I went to my feet in ovation!

Slam Dunk #1

Christin was asking God to use her and show her who, in her network of influence, God was calling her to. It became clear as she learned one of her co-workers (we'll call her Julie) was feeling really down because it was her birthday. Christin found that Julie had no family, few friends and had never had a birthday party! The thought of yet another lonely birthday only reminded her of how alone she was. So...what did this new church do? They threw a birthday party for Christins friend! Slam dunk! No strings, no gospel presentations...just being Christ's body for another. (Remember: Jesus did a lot of significant things at parties).

Slam Dunk #2

It should be no surprise that Julie called Christin the following week and wanted to come a be with her new friends for Church (Julie does not yet know Jesus yet...just his body). Well, that morning as the small band of 5 gathered in the living room as the Church the phone rang. It was Julie, in tears. She was not going to make it as she could not get her frozen garage door to open. And she REALLY wanted to be with her new friends. What did the church do? No rinky dink lay-up on this basketball court. The church took flight at about 2 feet behind the foul line, did a 360 and jammed the score!

They jumped into their cars, drove 25 minutes to the next town and met as the church at Julie's house. Not before fixing her frozen garage door though.

Humm...I wonder if Julie will want to hang out some more with these strange people?

"Whoever claims to be in him must walk as Jesus did."

Well I'm on my feet. I'm inspired. How bout you?

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Monday, February 03, 2003  

It's getting busy in the neighboorhood where we live! Last saturday Benno and Pauline moved here because they believe that God has a plan for the people in this area. They want to be responsible AND get involved so decided to come live here. Hilde (also one of the leaders) was the first one who bought a house here, they are the second... And know Peter and Carin decided to follow them. They bought a house just outside the Molenwijk last week. You can see some pictures below. Peter en Carin, although it takes a while untill you get the keys (September 2003) I want to give you guys very warm welcome! It's awesome to see you take this radical step!

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Saturday, February 01, 2003  

Found out yesterday that the repetition of the television programme "De Verandering" (where I tell the story about my adiction to gambling) has already be on. The producers told me that the EO would broadcast it coming thursday, but they were wrong. I'm sorry if you have missed it because of the wrong information I gave you. If you really want to see it, let me know. You can always borrow my video.

There's a great site in Holland that shows how many people watched which television programme on which day. The episode with my person in it got a pretty high score. The viewing figure was 1.4. This means that 204.000 people watched the programme. Pretty good don't you think? The first broadcast had 145.900 viewers.

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Still struggling with my computer. It doesn't shutdown correctly (way too fast) and once and a while I get the blue screen (not good at all). I've decided to re-install Windows again. Maybe that will solve the problem. On the other hand; most of my hardware is plug-and-pray, so maybe I will lay on my hands and aks for a miracle.

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Friday, January 31, 2003  

It's been pretty hectic lately. Computer problems on top of that. Had to install Windows and all my other software again, aaarrrggg... So you can imagine how I feel right know. In a few minutes we will have a meeting about churchplanting in our house. Hope to write some more later on the day.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003  

"Jesus’ program of discipleship was simple. Hang out with the disciples; let them see you at your best and worst; spend lots of time alone; teach truths none of your disciples can grasp at the moment; avoid crowds; go slowly; spend hours in solitude; don’t worry about opposition; ignore criticism; and don’t expect immediate results."

Good word from Mike! More in his article.

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Monday, January 27, 2003  

Travelled to Alphen a.d. Rijn yesterday to speak at a youth service with something like 300 young men and women. The team that invited me prepared a great show with video, music, images, smoke and stories. The theme was Inside-out, illustrated by a big skeleton on stage. Maybe scary to some, but a pretty good symbol to illustrate Inside-out. After two really funny (and professional) video compilations about the Ideal Christian (a parody on Idols) I got a change to share Gods story with them. The responce was pretty good. You can watch the video and see some pictures on their website.

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Friday, January 24, 2003  

I've been thinking lately why I have the tendency to separate my 'christian life' and activities from the rest of my life. God is speaking about this issue for a while now and it's definitely something I want to see changed more and more. Somehow their seems to be a huge block (in me and others) to conclude in a prayer for example, if we were just hanging out together as friends. As if you need to be in a special meeting with a commonly agreed spiritual purpose to say a prayer. I don't mean that you have to pray during every meeting you have. But sometimes I get the feeling that we live two different and separated lifes; a normal life and a Christian one.

Where do these blocks come from? Why can it be so hard to have fun together and invite Jesus in the same normal meeting?

You can mail me your thoughts here.

At least yesterday evening was different and I got really blessed. What happened? We invited Karin for a dinner. She is in Holland at the moment and worked as a missionary in Suriname last year. She does a great job helping to start housechurches and small groups. We also invited Benjamin for the dinner, he is a stagiar for a couple of weeks. And Benno & Pauline (who just bought a house in our neighboorhood) joined us too. We had lots of fun during the dinner. Everybody needed to prepare his own food in little pan's (we call this 'courmetten' in Holland). When almost everybody had enough I had the idea to celebrate the Lord's Supper together. So we did. We told eachother stories about what God has done in our lifes lately, cried a little and laughed together. Then we remembered the story of God and became silent for a while when we realised what Jesus has done for us at the cross.

We past the bread to one another. There was still some left. So each of us held a piece in his hand and prayed for his non-christian friends. That they would become part of the community of Jesus too. Then we paused and remembered the covenant He closed with us. For better, for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and health, to love, charish eachother till death brings us together in a more complete way. We passed the wine and drank the cup of LIFE. And smiled...

Everything came very natural and we spontaniously started to encourage eachother with words that seemed from God. It was awesome! So simple and I thought by myself: Why do we have the tendacy to keep our Christian customes away from our normal daily activities such as an evening meal?

Just give it a thought o.k.?!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2003  

A new look for the website of Dawn Ministries. Looks great guys!

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Today was my free day. It started pretty good with some extra sleep. Thanks Maresca!. All you parents out there know what a blessing that can be. In the afternoon (I woke up at 12.00 ;-) I worked on a website I'm developing for a organisation that supports primary schools. You can check it out here.

In the late afternoon we went to vote for our national elections. After that we took our kids to McDonalds. I don't like there food anymore, but it's a real treat for Joelle en Nadia. Great to see their happy faces over their happy meals. They both received a character of the muppet show. I swallowed a Chickenburger and some fries.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2003  

In february I hope to start with the first "Sapphire Training" (came up with this name a minute ago). This is a training opportunity for (young) people who want to be involved in planting Jesus-groups (housechurches, housegroups, organic churches etc.). The course is designed to train believers to do the works of Jesus and be missionaries right where they live and work.

Through this I hope to help people of the Road to fulfill their vision. I believe very strongly that God has a call on every life to accomplish something that is unique and beautiful (like sapphire). During the training, that takes 20-25 weeks, we will learn the basics of expanding the kingdom, discipleship, churchplanting, ministry and missions. The course has a good balance between theory and practice. For example: you need to be or get involved in leading/starting a Jesus-group besides the weekly gatherings. Up till now three people signed up and four more are seriously thinking about it.

If you're Dutch you can find more information here.

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Monday, January 20, 2003  

Had an African party yesterday with the church we're part off. One of the single mothers (we have a lot of those in our neighboorhood...) wanted us to dedicate here children to God and pray for a blessing over them. So we did. She invited a lot of African family (from Belgium) and friends. There was a good crowd in the gym we rent. After the dedicational(?) service we had a great African meal. Lots of food, laughter, children running around and more chicken then we could handle.

The Pizza Party on saturday went well too. To my surprise some of the teenagers want to spend more time at the parties to read the bible and pray together. At least that's what they told us during the meal. They are more serious than I could imagine. After the meal we talked about sexuality, the differences between boys and girls in this and how to deal with masturbation etc. A friend of mine Dick Baarsen wrote an interesting article on sexuality. It is also availible in English and you can find it here. You might not agree with everything he writes, but it sure makes you think.

Also nice to read that these parties seem to inspire other Christians. Marc v/d Woude from Joel News wrote an article about us in his latest edition. Will be availible on his website soon...

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Saturday, January 18, 2003  

For all the (digital) storytellers out there:

This book deconstructs and challenges much of what has gone as accepted preaching and teaching in the church. Questioning generally accepted homiletical teaching in seminaries by challenging teachers to integrate media into their teaching. This goes far beyond PowerPoint and video clips and moves into existing communication patterns and challenges the reader to rethink how and what we communicate when sharing the Gospel.

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